February 1, 2021

What is IRS Form 8965 and How to Fill it

As a taxpayer, you have gone through various forms. Some are easy to fill out while few are difficult. The IRS Form 8965 is one of the forms that need a lot of attention in filling it. You are exempted from owing tax payment for not having health insurance. This form will help you to report the exemption from paying the tax payment for not having the health insurance. It is simple to fill out, and you must enter only a few necessary details in it. Once the form is filled, attach it with your tax return form. The form is filled out to report health insurance exemptions, and your income should be above than your tax return amount. It is also required to be filled out by your family members if they are exempted from health insurance. If your income is not above your tax return amount, you need not fill out IRS 8965 form.

If you still wish to file a tax return, you need to claim for the coverage exemption. Hence, you will be exempted from making the tax payment after filling out this form. You will be out of the taxpayer record and can’t fill out IRS 8965 form if your income is not above tax return payment. In case, you have any problem filling up IRS 8965 Form; you must refer to TurboTax Helpline Number.

What is Coverage Exemption on IRS Form 8965?

When you are granted an exemption, you are out of law from individual requirements for not having health insurance. According to taxpayer law, you must have health insurance in owing to the tax payment. You need not to pay for the month if you don’t have health insurance coverage.

How to Fill Out IRS Form 8965 for Health Insurance Exemption?

The procedure is easy to fill out IRS 8965 form, and you have to enter only a few of your necessary details.

  • First of all, you have to write your name and social security number at the top of the form.
  • At the form, you must decide whether you have to fill out part I, II, or, III of the form.
  • If you or your family member claims health insurance coverage exemptions, write each person’s name, social security number and exempted certificate number in Part I of the form.
  • You can fill out IRS 8965 form for some other essential requirements exemptions to approve.
  • You will receive a certificate number regarding exemptions from health insurance if it has been approved.

You have to apply for a few other essential exemptions to receive a certificate number and approval. The list is mentioned below to approve other requirements exemptions. You should apply in advance for all of these requirements other than health insurance coverage.

  • General difficulty
  • Religious members
  • Unable to afford coverage
  • Unable to renew existing coverage

For Part II in IRS form 8965 is related to the person who has income below the tax return amount. In this case, you need not to fill out IRS form 8965. If there is any doubt in filling-up the IRS 8965 Form, you must call TurboTax Customer Service Number.