December 4, 2019

What To Do If HP Printer is Not Printing Anything?

An American printing brand, the Hewlett Packard, founded in 1984, has been leading the printing market now for too long. Because of its high demand, it is owing to its competitive rates, having plenty of varieties varying from personal, shared, virtual, and 3D models suiting the customer’s requirements. Just like any technical equipment, printers too are prone to repairing and failure. Printer, not printing, is one such common issue for HP printer users. This issue can result from various reasons, from connectivity issues to faulty configurations or drivers. Some of which are listed below which can either be resolved by troubleshooting steps or you can get in touch with the HP printer customer support for any type of help:

hp printer tech support
  • You might not have set your wireless printer as the default printer.
  • Sometimes due to harmful viruses, the print jobs might get canceled automatically.
  • At times an outdated driver can be the main reason for this error.
  • If all the necessary update is not installed on your system, then also this error can appear.

If you are struggling to find a proper fix, you can give the methods as follows a try. They can help you fix your HP printer won’t print problems. Below are the steps to fix HP Wireless printer not printing issue:

Step 1: First tap on the ink level option tab, check the estimated ink level of your HP Printer. When you click, it will automatically appear what amount of ink is remaining.

Step 2: Then load the paper into the paper tray, tap and hold the cancel button and press the start copy color button. Doing this will allow the printer to print a self-test report.

Step 3: Now, identity which cartridges are printed with the areas that are needed for the self-test report.

Step 4: Then look for the defects by taking the cartridges out of the printer.

Step 5: And finally clean the cartridge heads with the help of a wet wipe and let them rest for a while and then put them back in their respective places and restart the printer.

There can be an issue like paper jams, fading output prints, ghosting, or toner spreads that you might stuck your work. If, after executing all the above-mentioned steps, your problem is not resolved, then you can reach out to the HP printer customer service for further assistance where the representatives will guide you accordingly.