March 9, 2021

How to Fix TurboTax Error 70001

turbotax error 70001

Turbo Tax is the standard assistant software used for calculating federal and income tax in one place. Customers sometimes face connectivity issues during the process of filing an income tax return and getting annoyed by a small technical glitch. It is usually caused due to Error 70001 and gets resolved simultaneously with the network connection and TurboTax software. In case the issue is not rectified on its own, users can contact the TurboTax helpline number to have better assistance in this matter.

The most simple and common step is to restart the computer, and hopefully, the error gets resolved then there.

Origin of Error 70001

It’s indeed true that if roots are identified, evil deeds can be transformed into meaningful action. Similarly, the leading cause of Error 70001 is an internet connection, and if that is rectified, that resolves the problem, it automatically finds its the solution.

  • Users must make sure that they are not active on the work computer window because work computers have strong security firewalls, which hinder access to this software.
  • Users must check their installed firewalls. As firewalls sometimes block the TurboTax software from accessing the internet.
  • Make TurboTax run as administrator.
  • Download and update the version of TurboTax to minimize the problem and maximize the result with the software’s smooth functioning.

Still, few problem-solving steps are itemized. Users are requested to read this blog entirely to have a new and better solution.

Solution 1:

Step 1: Readjust the wireless access point and try again to log in to TurboTax Software.

Step 2: Ensure to switch off the computer, router and then cable modem.

Step 3: Wait for some time. Let the network gain connectivity and switch on the modem again.

Step 4: Now again, wait patiently for a minute or so, and then turn on the router.

Step 5: Turn on the system and log into TurboTax Software.

Solution 2

This step is related to backup in Registry Editor and fixation of error

Step 1:  Select the “Start “option.

Step 2:  Now search for “command, “which will pop a “Command window “in front of the user.

Step 3: Further, choose” Run as administrator“,, giving a black window prompt.

Step 4:  Type “Regedit “and hit the enter key.

Step 5: Now choose Error 70001 keys which users want to back up in the Registry Editor.

Step 6:  Now select the “Export”  option.

Step 7:  This step suggests saving as a list. Users need to select the place to store files.

Step 8:  Make sure that the TurboTax file is in the “Export Range Box” with the backup file’s new name.

Step 9:  Click on “save “with “a.reg” extension. 

List are five steps to Fix TurboTax Error 70001 quickly. Users can fix this problem by just implementing these troubleshooting steps. If you need more help in solving this problem, users must contact TurboTax Helpline Number without any hesitation. Still, the error persists after applying these solutions. You need to follow a more advanced solution, or the customer can call on TurboTax support number and talk to an expert and identify the problem. Experienced software technicians who are available 24 hours a day help you to fix the problem with the best solution.

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