February 10, 2021

How to Fix TurboTax Error 5640

TurboTax software offers a user-friendly interface for processing and e-filing tax returns for individuals and businesses. TurboTax fulfills the tax preparation requirements of your businesses but it also encounters an error 5640. TurboTax Error 5640 is a runtime error, and it stops responding while it is in operation. Such an error in TurboTax makes you feel depressed, and you must take immediate measures to remove this error and protect your system from potential damage.

Whenever TurboTax is running, you will receive a notification regarding Error 5640 on your computer screen. The error 5640 occurs because of incorrect program designs, incompatibility, memory space issues, corrupt video graphics drivers, and virus attack. This error occurs during TurboTax runtime due to an incompatible program running behind it. Irrespective of runtime error, you must call TurboTax Customer Service Number to fix this issue immediately to protect your system from further damages.

Tips to Fix TurboTax Error 5640

To get rid of TurboTax Error 5640, you must follow some troubleshooting steps given below.

1. Remove the Error Registry Entry

  • Make a backup for registry files
  • Press together Windows+R key
  • Enter the ‘Regedit’ and click the Enter key
  • Locate to search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>>SOFTWARE>>Microsoft>>Windows>>Current Version>>Uninstall
  • From the list, search TurboTax 5640 and uninstall it
  • Choose the Software and press a double-click on Uninstall given on the right panel
  • Copy the highlighted text and search it
  • Paste the copied data and choose OK to uninstall the program
  • Reinstall the software and make sure that error 5640 is removed or not.

2. Update Antivirus

You should take immediate action to prevent the computer from virus infection and remove TurboTax Error 5640. Confirm that the Antivirus program is updated with the latest version and scan your system files thoroughly. Run the Windows update to know about the virus and rectify it.

3. Confirm Updated Drivers

  • Download the latest version of the driver
  • Open Device Manager and keep a look at hardware component lists and choose one that requires an update
  • Put a right-click on the driver you wish to update and press the ‘Update Driver’ option
  • Choose the most compatible driver and after updating it, restart the system and check if the issue is fixed or not.

4. Activate Disk Cleanup

  • Open the Command prompt on your computer
  • Type the ‘cleanmgr’ and click ‘Enter.’
  • Disk Cleanup will start showing the memory space remaining to clean
  • Choose the applications given in the dialog box you want to clean and press ‘OK’.

5. Install Windows On Your Computer

  • After trying out the various ways mentioned above, if the error still exists, you must reinstall the Windows Operating System once again.
  • When you reinstall it, all your data from the hard-drive will get erased.
  • An updated Windows Operating system will quickly delete any junk installed during computer use.

If the error is still there, you must dial TurboTax Support Number to remove this issue. A Technical professional will provide you accurate solutions, and you can quickly rectify this error 5640 from TurboTax.