January 21, 2021

How Do I Fix A Rejected Return On TurboTax

There are many reasons attached to e-file rejection by the Internal Revenue Service. If you implement some basic tips, you can avoid unnecessary e-file rejections.

Sometimes, the most worrying part of preparing your tax return is dealing with rejected tax returns after e-filing. E-filing tax returns online instead of emailing about it has few benefits of receiving refunds soon. The Internal Revenue Service can leave your e-filing for various reasons and try to find out what is wrong with it and go again. However, if you are implementing some basic tips, you can avoid unnecessary e-file rejections. To avoid a rejected return, you have to contact TurboTax Customer Service Number to fix this issue.

1. Mismatch of Taxpayer SSN

One of the avoiding methods of simple rejections of e-file tax returns is to check out the names mentioned on tax forms. The Internal Revenue Service will check if the terms mentioned in the tax forms match with the Social Security Number (SSN) or not. So, you have to always check out those names written for tax return before e-file tax refund. You can avoid e-file rejection by ensuring that SSN you have filled for the primary taxpayer in case e-file joint tax return. For example – Suppose you have listed out your spouse as your primary taxpayer, but you have mentioned Social Security Number on all tax forms, you will get e-file rejection as names won’t match the SSN.

Another e-file rejections occur when your name changes after marriage or divorce. If you have adjusted your name, you must contact the Social Security Administration to get your SSN to change your new name. You can avoid e-filing rejection by using the name matching with SSN and using it on your tax forms.

2. Inaccurate Dependent Information

When you claim online your family member tax return on your tax form, it requires their names, Social Security Numbers. You have to also fill-up the details regarding the relationship you have with them. The IRS e-file system will verify that each dependents’ names match the corresponding Social Security Number by checking with IRS master files. If anything does not match, the IRS will reject your e-filing. E-file rejection can be avoided after checking out the accuracy of dependent on your entire Return before attempting to e-file your tax return.

3. Claim for Dependent on Another Tax Return

The IRS will reject e-file returns on SSN that you have filed online tax returns for another tax with the same SSN. When you e-file the tax return of your child, but it has already been e-filed by your family member so that IRS will reject this. It happens because they have done e-filing tax returns before your permission. To avoid such rejections, you must ask before e-filing that your child has already done it or not, if yes, you have to do mail to get your tax return. Only one of the returns can be filed with TurboTax online while others need to be mailed to avoid e-file tax return for your dependent.

If you have any problems avoiding rejection of Return, you must call TurboTax Customer Support to fix it.